Little RTS game with Unity 5

Hello there! Recently I got a task to make RTS game for one company. So I spend five days on it and now I want to tell you about that project. It's a very small project. Begin with the camera. You can move it in different ways. Also you can rotate the camera and zoom it. Game … Continue reading Little RTS game with Unity 5


Time Travel Game with Unity 5

Hello guys 🙂 I recently made a project for university course which includes time travel. It's not a full game, just the one scene and one mission. What we can do here? Hm... Maybe walk, run, jump and look around, ahah 🙂 Just joking. So, we can also go anywhere at the scene and we … Continue reading Time Travel Game with Unity 5

FNAF-style game (Unity 5)

I made this game last winter. I wanted to improve my skills in gamedev, so I started to make this game with tutorials on youtube. This is the game like five nights at freddy's, but here we have only one not smart enemy 🙂 Below you can watch video review. Game available here.