Simple Smart House System (with Arduino Uno and Blynk)

Sup guys! Today I'm going to show you my first project with Arduino. I made it in May 2017. Here I used a lot of sensors to get different values (temperature, lightning, motion etc.) and combined them into one simple system. All the details about hardware and source code you can find here: With this … Continue reading Simple Smart House System (with Arduino Uno and Blynk)


ATM Simulator with ADO.NET

Sup guys! Recently I made a little project that simulates ATM system.  I made it in Visual Studio with C#, SQL and ADO.NET.  Also I implemented "MetroFramework" which makes your WF design better. You can find it in NuGet Package Manager. So, this project don't need any manual (for now), but I will expand it. … Continue reading ATM Simulator with ADO.NET

FNAF-style game (Unity 5)

I made this game last winter. I wanted to improve my skills in gamedev, so I started to make this game with tutorials on youtube. This is the game like five nights at freddy's, but here we have only one not smart enemy 🙂 Below you can watch video review. Game available here.