Time Travel Game with Unity 5

Hello guys 🙂
I recently made a project for university course which includes time travel. It’s not a full game, just the one scene and one mission.
What we can do here?
Hm… Maybe walk, run, jump and look around, ahah 🙂 Just joking.
So, we can also go anywhere at the scene and we need to find a portal.
Here I embodied one way to time travel – it’s travelling to the past.

When we will find a portal, we will go into it and there we need to find the end of portal (it’s just another portal, which will move us back in scene).

After that we will appear in the scene, but in another location. And at this time we can see our copy, which goes absolutely like we used to.

Check out video review below:

You can also download build of this game HERE

Source code is HERE


The game has a function of two-way reverse (rewind), which works with a copy.

Forward – R and Back – Q.

In the case of a bug work-up is set manually start recording playback function.

Button – P.


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