Students examination management system

Hello there!

Today I want to represent my little project that I made for “Development and Maintenance of software” course in university.

It’s a small program that allows you to store and manage records about students exams in database.
Project made with C# language and SQL Express. Also I worked a bit with UI.

How to work with program:

  • Save records:

To save a new record you should fill the Id, Name, Surname, Group, Subject and Score fields. Then you need to click on a save button save.

  • Deleting records:

To delete a record you need to enter Id of record and click on delete button close.

  • Search records:

To search a record you need to fill one, a few or all fields and click on search button search.  Also here are two extra fields Less and More. You need them to search estimates in different ranges that you can enter.

  • Update a view:

So this is the last function that allows you to update data in view area. You should to click update button eye.

So, source code you can find HERE

And video is here:


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