Little RTS game with Unity 5

Hello there!

Recently I got a task to make RTS game for one company. So I spend five days on it and now I want to tell you about that project.

It’s a very small project.
Begin with the camera. You can move it in different ways. Also you can rotate the camera and zoom it.

Game included a simple day and night cycle. It changes every minute.
Also you can find a simple UI system (menu) where you can select the building and place it on the grid (only). If you will try to place it on another place nothing will happen. Also you cant place the building in the occupied tile of grid.
In that menu you can turn on/off the grid.

Near to shop button is a mute button. Game starts with music, so if you want, you can mute and unmute it whenever you want.

If you selected the wrong building you can push the right mouse button to drop it.

Trees around place generates  at the start of the game by perimeter and with random positions.

You can also pause the game with Escape button and you can exit there.

Assets I got from two web-sites: and
Some icons I found in

All assets and source code available HERE

Build (the game, for testing or having fun for 5 minutes) available HERE


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